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Warning to all cheater members

Started by Admin Apr 06th, 2020 at 10:46
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Admin (Admin)
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Hello dear members!
First of all, I would like to thank everyone who trusted us


In the last few days, I've noticed that some cheater members vote negative in our EMS ranking, and that's really amazing.

Of course, I have noticed that Earnhomebux admin also gives negative vote several times a day and thinks that it can harm us with these actions.
This admin has already talked about us on her site's forum and was upset about our progress, and apparently she thinks that our success and the users' trust in us are dangerous for her sites.

In fact, the ranking of the EMS is not important to me at all, and what is valuable is the honesty of the admins and members.

In any case, I would like to warn cheater members that if through the database I check and find out that these users have given a negative biased vote, the accounts of these users will be suspended immediately.

This is my last warning to all cheater users.

I also tell Earnhomebux Admin that I so sad for your behavior and I pray that you will be healed as soon as possible.

Best regards,
Medexads Admin.
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Yes, unfortunately, I also noticed this ugly thing
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Such behaviors are shameful.
Long live the admin
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So bad things
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Sad such positioning of the admin another site. Medexads Long life and success!

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I have seen the topic of earnhomebux admin in the forum of this site.
Dear admin, I think you don't should pay attention to these sick people like earnhomebux admin and cheater members.
medexads honesty will be much more evident in the future.
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It's really a pity that such things happen Of course, honesty is above all. And only thanks to her can one come to trust and mutual understanding Thank you dear admin for the warning
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We support you and such people cannot cause any particular problem.
I'm sorry for earnhomebux admin who talks about other sites instead of focusing on his own site.

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We totally agree with you admin, this is suspicious and it is clear that some sodden people are doing this.
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admin of earnhomebux is a crazy patient, but he can't do anything, and soon all of his sites will be scammed, while medexads will continue to be powerful.
Long live medexads
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